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Friday, June 02, 2006


Welcome. And thanks for reading. This is my blogsite, here I post all things from Vlogs, to my art work in cartooning and illustration. Feel free to e-mail. Laterz.

Friday, May 05, 2006

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Jay's Roast

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The MNN staff says goodbye to our dear friend Jay as he goes off to cali.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Boarding Pass to Ohio

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Ok So when I went to go see the star wars concert in cincinatti I went alone. Yes alone. I cant tell you how many times People have asked me the same question over and over again. " You went to Ohio alone?!" "You went to ohio just to see a concert?"
Yes I went to Ohio and Kentuckey alone. Yes I dont know anybody there, yes I have never been there before in my life. Yes I went there for only 2 days just so I could see an orchestra concert that happened only on one day. So what.
None of my friends were big star wars fans. so they didn't want to go just for a concert, None of them could really afford to go there for only 2 days, well 1 and a half days. SO since I couldn't find anybody to go with I went on alone.
I really wanted to go, and I learned my lesson when I was a teenager. I remember missing out on a lot of things just because I had nobody to with and I regreted it in the end. SO I told myself not to do that again. Dont miss out on something you would regret later on. And I knew that if I let this oppertunity pass, I would end up regreting it forever. Yes forever cause I remembr that stuff. I left for ohio and I saw the concert and had a jolly good time.
I stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast in kentuckey, the lady was really nice too.
I came back to New York and everybody Told me how gutsy that was. Many of them msaid that they wouldn't be able to do that on their own. well I'm glad I was able to inspire some people, somehow. That was awesome.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


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My cat Reggie- meizter and my roomates dog Chibi Chibi get a visit from Jay and Ryannes cat Battle Cat. This is them during dinner time. The first day or two Battle Cat spentmost of her time under the couch. She eventually got used to the fellas and came out and started playing with the rest of the team. Reggie and Chibi are used to each other already, so they dont pay much attention to the fact that theres another animal in the house. This is them having dinner one night. Pay attention to Battle Cats expression when Reggie drops his food dish and Chibi goes after it. It's funny the many different expressions animals make. In the end Reggie and battle Cat shared their meal since Chibi ate the rest of Reggies dropped food.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Give kids a Lightsaber and...

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In a concert event of course they would give out free things to the audience. For the kids they gave out lightsabers. Ok, give a lightsaber to one kid and they will play around with it. Give a lightsaber to hundreds of kids and they will go out and kick the crap out of each other. I found this very funny, I mean imagine all these kids in an open field with glowing toy swords in their possesion. What would happen? They would try to knock down anything in their path.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Star Wars Cantina

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This is the Last part of the Night. All the performances were done and the composer was trying to get this little R2D2 to work. It took him a really long time because the droid didn't want to obey the spoken command. Finally he was able to make it work and they played the Star Wars cantina song, in where everybody came out and danced. There was a small fireworks display by the end of it.

Sorry if the shot looked really shaky, I was trying to keep it steady while there was all this clapping going on. Near the end you could see some of the crowd that was there. I was in the very front so I got to see everything up close.

the Final Jedi Theme

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This song is actually the last part of the Ewok theme in episode VI Return of the Jedi. The last part of this song is my favorite because of how it stops and starts and all the energy that is in it especially towards the very end. The composer was very energetic for this performance, he just kept on jumping up and down while composing. You could kind of see a little of his movements and reactions near the end.

Also, two sword fighters came on stage during this performance. One as Luke and one as Vader, there was aso somebody there as the emperor looking on, like in the movie. You cant see the emperor as well as the other two but he's right there at the corner. The lightsabers they were using were some of the master replica lightsabers, so they had to hit each other lightly in order for the blades not to break.

Vader Unleashed

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This is actually the Empire theme. The reason why I called it Vader Unleashed is because this reminds me of the power that Vader held over anybody who stood in his way. the director of episode V The Empire Strikes back mentioned that Vaders role in Empire was a lot more ruthless than his role in ANH. In Episode IV ANH there were governors who basically had control over the entire means of what the empire does, and Vader was the little lap dog that the governors could control. If you remember in the scene where all the governors are having a conference they all talk down to Vader, one even insults his religion (that is when Vader started to force choke him). Vader had no real control he took orders from Grand Moff Tarken (who told Vader to realease the other guy).
When the first Death Star was distroyed all of the governors were in it. Now there was nobody to stop Vader from doing what he did best, force choke people.
That is why in Episode V Vader was in command, he decided the fate of everybody and there wasn't anybody there to tell him otherwise (which leads to some of the greatest scenes in the Star Wars movies which was Vader killing off all the Admirals that he didn't like and then apointing new ones that would bite the dust as well if they made a mistake).
Therefore, Vader is unleashed.

A flying guy

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This was the last big performance of the night with the flying guy. He was really good. No strings were attached and there was no net either. It was cool. If you pay atention you notice that the composer looks back right when the flying guy starts spinning around and flying.

I was sitting in the front row. The only things seperating me from the rest of the stage was this floor area and then this little pole thing in front of us. The flying guy was right in front of me floating over my head and stuff. It was cool.
The fly guy did two performances, one in which he flew to the princess leia theme and then the star wars theme in the end.

Battle of the Heroes

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Here is some actual footage of the stage. And probably the best new Star Wars song. Of course the performance parts are still in the dark because I had my camera hidden, but eventually I didn't have to hide my camera anymore.

By the end of the performance you could see the chorus leave the stage taking their flags with them. One of the performances that I didn't film was the march of the flags song from episode 1 which led to the chorus carrying the flags onto the stage and then taking them out.

The intro to the concert

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This is the Introduction of the Star Wars concert. Daniel Logan introduced and narrated the entire show. This is the opening star wars theme with a view of my finger. and the concert hall ceiling.

I had to keep my camera hidden so I couldn't get great shots in the beginning. Later on I was able to actually take my camera out and get some good footage.

Deul of the Fates

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This is The Performance of Deul of the Fates during the Star Wars Concert. They didn't allow cameras in the concert so I had to hide the camera and could only get audio. Sorry fellas. But there will be other ones with video and audio in the not too distant future.